“The Portable Lyceum in the Civil War”

— Ronald J. Zboray and Mary Saracino Zboray

“This first chapter … profoundly disrupts the long-standing scholarly consensus that popular intellectual activities almost ceased during the Civil War. Drawing on an array of unpublished personal papers and their transcriptions of more than two million words about Civil War–era reading culture, the Zborays recover a multitude of educational and cultural activities among black and white women and men, North and South, on the home front, in battlefield camps, and in prisons. By exploring the varied people, places, and purposes of lecturing and learning during the Civil War, the Zborays articulate the central themes of Thinking Together while dramatically altering the way we understand the development of platform culture in the nineteenth century” (pp. 15-16).

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Relevant People

Emilie Frances Davis

Anna Elizabeth Dickinson

Frederick Douglass

Christian A. Fleetwood

Amanda Akin Stearns